Life’s Journey Flag Ship Store Opening


Originally published for The Kentucky Magazine in February 2015.


Life’s Journey Clothing started from humble beginnings.

From selling t-shirts out of the trunk of a car to learning the ropes of design in the clothing business. As the brand grew so did its message, ‘Believe∙ Purse∙ Inspire’. Founder Chris Hudson has worked to put merchandise in stores in Yonkers, NY, Detroit, MI, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY and most recently Lexington, Ky.

On January 31st, the flagship store opened in Lexington to the support of the community it was built for. Life’s Journey has served the Lexington community with street wear and events to help motivate the youth to follow their dreams and keep adults accountable to fulfill their purpose. Along with events Hudson is now speaking and mentoring in schools to share his story with the next generation while providing them with a positive and original take on street wear.

The positive message the company promotes isn’t hard to find, it can be found on their clothing and imagery. Shirts that read ‘Think Old, Retire Young’, ‘Don’t Give Up’, and ‘You Were Not Created Just To Exist’. One of Life’s Journey’s latest designs features the march on Selma, AL with the quote “There’s A King In Every Crowd”. Hudson explained his journey to opening the flagship store at the event, including his move to Atlanta and relying on his faith to continue his make Life’s Journey a reality.

The Life’s Journey flagship store is located in on 1416 N Forbes road Lexington, KY and is currently open Fridays & Saturdays from 12pm-8pm and Sundays from 12pm-4pm. The latest designs can also be found on their website